Frosted Cupcakery......

Cupcakes, need I say anymore! Living in Southern California, we seem to have an abundance of cupcakes bakeries. I have had Sprinkles and Crumbs but the other day I found a "cupcakery" in Long Beach. And needless to say I had to go to Belmont Shore and check it out! It just happened to be July 1st- and on the first day of the month they have mini's of a certain cupcake for free! That sold me!

Frosted Cupcakery has 2 stores. One in Belmont Shore and of course a store in Hollywood. But since I am a southern LA County dweller, I chose not to drive up to Hollywood but to check out my "local" store!

Belmont Shore is a fun little area anyway. And 2nd Street is always bustling on any day!

We found Frosted Cupcakery very easily and I stayed outside with my dog while my son went to "check out the free mini flavor." He brought one out, it was coconut mini. Now I'm not a huge fan of coconut but it was pretty tasty!

When i went in I decided to order 6 cupcakes at $2.95/each! Red Velvet/Cream Cheese, Chocolate/ Chocolate Buttercream, Chocolate/Cookies and Cream Buttercream, Chocolate/Peanut Butter Buttercream and Carrot/Cream Cheese. And of course I had to buy a special "pupcake" for my dog! $.75/each

My dog devoured her pupcake and my son inhaled a cupcake immediately! I waited until later but was very happy with my Chocolate/Peanut butter Buttercream!!

Frosted Cupcakery
4817 E 2nd Street
Long Beach, Ca 90803

1200 N Highland Av
Los Angeles, Ca 90038


Naja's Place Redondo Beach Pier, Redondo Beach. CA

Naja's what can I say about this place but that it's one of my favorite places to go for beer!!! And I love beer. They have a huge quantity of beers on tap-they will actually be adding some at the end of this month when they do a little renovation. The owner told me last night he hopes to have about 80 different beers-80 beers! Yummy!!!

Naja's is an awesome place to just go and hang out! It's a dive bar, so don't expect anything special but great beer!!! Food is available, it's bar food. But since it sits on the Redondo beach Pier there are tons of restaurants around.

They are open 7 days a week-please check their calendar for they are closing at the end of Feb 2008 for some renovation. On the weekends, two different bands play and it can be quite busy. I usually like to go on off days-it's a little quieter...and then in the afternoons. In the summer, they open the windows and you can sit drink a beer, watch the boats and get a beautiful ocean breeze and catch a sunset!!
It's a GREAT place!!! Love it!


Crimsin, San Pedro, California

Kinda Red in here-ok it's Crimsin! Word of note-they have happy hour everyday from 5-7 which means $2 off each drink. Really nice beer selection on tap
  • Stella
  • Shiner Bock
  • Guinness
  • Fat Tire
and a few others. the beer price for happy hour is great-you can get a nice beer on tap for $3. That's what i should have done, instead we had a glass of wine, reguler price $8, and a martini, $11. I think the martini price is steep considering this is a bar in San Pedro and not Hollywood. But that's me.

We went for happy hour-quiet crowd early in the evening. it sipposedly becomes the place for the 20-40 somethings later on in the evening. Music playing and of course the crimsin lights. No eat before you go!!

Best bet-happy hour and order beer!

345 6th St., San Pedro, Ca 90731


Berri's Playa Cafe - Playa Del Rey, California

So Playa Del Rey, a small beach community stuck between LAX and Marina Del Rey. I don't often go to Playa, but a few friends have moved there, so i find myself frequenting the beach community a bit more now. This day we decided to meet at Berri's which sits on Pershing Drive at Manchester. I think they are known for their pizza-so we had pizza. Since I don't eat meat I ordered a veggie selection and my friend shoved pepperoni on her half. It wasn't bad-thin crust. But my feeling is it's kinda really hard to screw up pizza.

There were a few people in eating today(it was around 2pm). One gentleman had just flown in from Arizona and was craving their Lobster Pizza-hmm...Lobster Pizza-not for me! But he seemed to love it.

We sat at the bar and our bartender was Samuel-he makes a pretty decent Bloody mary. I like them spicy-but they didn't have celery! Next time I'll bring my own celery stalk! Ha! My friend ordered a margarita.

We had a nice time-it was quiet so we got our choice of the tv station and our bartender was very attentive to our drinking needs!

8415 Pershing Dr (@ Manchester Avenue)
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293
Phone: (310) 823-6658


Walkers Cafe Pt Fermin Park, San Pedro, California

Stuck right in the corner of Pt Fermin Park in San Pedro, is an established watering hole called Walkers Cafe. It's been there for years. Originally opened by a couple from Oklahoma, it is a wonderful dive bar. And during the summer, a destination with alot of harley riders out for a days cruise! Cheap beer, Coors Light was my beer of choice today-I had just finished running so I was treating myself! They serve food here as well, all the food is made to order-the only time I ate I had the cheeseburger-I could have eaten 3 of them!
But really it's a great place to go meet the locals and have a beer! Especially in the summer. Don't go hoping to watch lots of TV~there is one tv, that gets the local stations, that sits on the bar-but if there is a basketball or football game on it will be playing. A few movies and tv shows have been shot here, the one of note is To Live and Die in LA, I might add one of my favorite movies!! My dog was welcomed~she wanted to come inside but alas that's not allowed...but she was very happy sitting right outside the door. Unfortuantely you are no longer allowed to drink beer outside-I think that's a true bummer! Check it out~it's fun but might want to call ahead of time just to make sure it's open!

Walkers Cafe

700 W Paseo Del Mar
San Pedro, CA 90731
(310) 833-3623


The WGA strike is putting a damper on my Blog

I'm sorry to all of you who are/were hoping for lots of cities, restaurants, bars whatever-times are tough right now. I'm in the entertainment industry and have been directly impacted by the WGA strike. This has in turn made an impact on my Travelling in California blog~not working makes it hard to travel places etc.

So I promise once the strike is over and I get back to work there will be so many wonderful places I'll talk about. Until that time, please come back and visit and don't forget!!



Main Street, Santa Monica, California

Main Street Santa Monica....not your typical main Street USA. Here we have cute shops, restaurants, loads of coffee shops and numerous big name apparel shops: Patagonia and American Apparel. It's a great street to stroll down and grab a coffee or tea with your dog~and of course people watch! One of my favorite things to do! Main Street is just north of Venice, It sits in between Lincoln Blvd and the Pacific Ocean and south of the 10 freeway.

A few of my favorite places is Accents Jewlery. Amazing Sterling Silver pieces-handmade-they are amazing. i bought a beautiful ring in there that I absolutely LOVE! Also if you're with your dog you must dash into Tails of Santa Monica the local dog store....they'll give your pup a biscuit!
Like I said coffee coffee coffee-Starbucks, Urth, Peets, Coffee Bean are all on Main Street and then you have your choice of yummy pastry shops. It's a fun place to hang out, eat, shop and then maybe go to the beach after or before-the beach is only a few blocks west!!! And there is ample parking around!