Walkers Cafe Pt Fermin Park, San Pedro, California

Stuck right in the corner of Pt Fermin Park in San Pedro, is an established watering hole called Walkers Cafe. It's been there for years. Originally opened by a couple from Oklahoma, it is a wonderful dive bar. And during the summer, a destination with alot of harley riders out for a days cruise! Cheap beer, Coors Light was my beer of choice today-I had just finished running so I was treating myself! They serve food here as well, all the food is made to order-the only time I ate I had the cheeseburger-I could have eaten 3 of them!
But really it's a great place to go meet the locals and have a beer! Especially in the summer. Don't go hoping to watch lots of TV~there is one tv, that gets the local stations, that sits on the bar-but if there is a basketball or football game on it will be playing. A few movies and tv shows have been shot here, the one of note is To Live and Die in LA, I might add one of my favorite movies!! My dog was welcomed~she wanted to come inside but alas that's not allowed...but she was very happy sitting right outside the door. Unfortuantely you are no longer allowed to drink beer outside-I think that's a true bummer! Check it out~it's fun but might want to call ahead of time just to make sure it's open!

Walkers Cafe

700 W Paseo Del Mar
San Pedro, CA 90731
(310) 833-3623


The WGA strike is putting a damper on my Blog

I'm sorry to all of you who are/were hoping for lots of cities, restaurants, bars whatever-times are tough right now. I'm in the entertainment industry and have been directly impacted by the WGA strike. This has in turn made an impact on my Travelling in California blog~not working makes it hard to travel places etc.

So I promise once the strike is over and I get back to work there will be so many wonderful places I'll talk about. Until that time, please come back and visit and don't forget!!



Main Street, Santa Monica, California

Main Street Santa Monica....not your typical main Street USA. Here we have cute shops, restaurants, loads of coffee shops and numerous big name apparel shops: Patagonia and American Apparel. It's a great street to stroll down and grab a coffee or tea with your dog~and of course people watch! One of my favorite things to do! Main Street is just north of Venice, It sits in between Lincoln Blvd and the Pacific Ocean and south of the 10 freeway.

A few of my favorite places is Accents Jewlery. Amazing Sterling Silver pieces-handmade-they are amazing. i bought a beautiful ring in there that I absolutely LOVE! Also if you're with your dog you must dash into Tails of Santa Monica the local dog store....they'll give your pup a biscuit!
Like I said coffee coffee coffee-Starbucks, Urth, Peets, Coffee Bean are all on Main Street and then you have your choice of yummy pastry shops. It's a fun place to hang out, eat, shop and then maybe go to the beach after or before-the beach is only a few blocks west!!! And there is ample parking around!

Manhattan Beach, California

Manhattan Beach~the city of the beautiful people...and a beautiful city. Clean and beachy! Manhattan Beach sits right on the ocean with a beautiful Pier and shops and restaurants galore~ very family friendly and very pet friendly! I swear everyone has a dog here! And most of the restaurants have outdoor seating so your pooch is welcome!

Shade Hotel is one of the newest additions to the downtown area~the local boutique hotel. Not sure what the rooms look like but I've been to the bar-good place to people watch. Of course any bar in Manhattan Beach is a great place to people watch!

The Metlox development is fairly new. The dirt lot sat empty for a long time and then it was finally developed! There are loads of stores and restaurants and a huge underground parking structure all near the Shade Hotel.

The downtown area is concentrated around Manhattan Beach Blvd between Valley and the great Pacific Ocean. You have 4 coffee shops in this small area as well as tons of restaurants/bars. One of the local hangouts, The Shellback, is a must visit~head down Manhattan Beach Blvd toward the water-it's on the south side of the street. Manhattan Beach Brewing Company-BEER is two door up the street and across the street is Sunsets~where you can go for happy hour at sunset and watch the sunset.

It really is a beautiful city~clean and safe! And a must visit if you are coming to southern california!

Abbot Kinney, Venice Beach, California

Abbot Kinney is the hip area of venice-cool antique stores, eateries, bars and an eclectic mix of peeps! I've hung out here quite a bit. I had a birhtday party at Lily's~a french restaurant, gone to Primotivo for great wine and tapas had a pizza at Abbots Habit and best of all sat and people watched! There is a wide selection of things to do and see. If you want to shop for antiques-this is the street! Some of them aren't cheap though!

Want a GREAT Mojito??? Go to Hals! Their Mojitos are to die for! Well I think so! And I'm a very picky Mojito drinker! And I've heard the new wine bar to frequent is The Otheroom~originally started in new york~the Venice location is their only West Coast establishment.

Abbot Kinney is very dog friendly! Loads of pooches all over the place~and they have their very own dog store, The Modern Dog.

A fun place~very laid back area. Go walk around, shop, eat and drink! You'll have fun!

Abbot Kinney is off Venice Blvd east of the Pacific Ocean