Berri's Playa Cafe - Playa Del Rey, California

So Playa Del Rey, a small beach community stuck between LAX and Marina Del Rey. I don't often go to Playa, but a few friends have moved there, so i find myself frequenting the beach community a bit more now. This day we decided to meet at Berri's which sits on Pershing Drive at Manchester. I think they are known for their pizza-so we had pizza. Since I don't eat meat I ordered a veggie selection and my friend shoved pepperoni on her half. It wasn't bad-thin crust. But my feeling is it's kinda really hard to screw up pizza.

There were a few people in eating today(it was around 2pm). One gentleman had just flown in from Arizona and was craving their Lobster Pizza-hmm...Lobster Pizza-not for me! But he seemed to love it.

We sat at the bar and our bartender was Samuel-he makes a pretty decent Bloody mary. I like them spicy-but they didn't have celery! Next time I'll bring my own celery stalk! Ha! My friend ordered a margarita.

We had a nice time-it was quiet so we got our choice of the tv station and our bartender was very attentive to our drinking needs!

8415 Pershing Dr (@ Manchester Avenue)
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293
Phone: (310) 823-6658


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