Crimsin, San Pedro, California

Kinda Red in here-ok it's Crimsin! Word of note-they have happy hour everyday from 5-7 which means $2 off each drink. Really nice beer selection on tap
  • Stella
  • Shiner Bock
  • Guinness
  • Fat Tire
and a few others. the beer price for happy hour is great-you can get a nice beer on tap for $3. That's what i should have done, instead we had a glass of wine, reguler price $8, and a martini, $11. I think the martini price is steep considering this is a bar in San Pedro and not Hollywood. But that's me.

We went for happy hour-quiet crowd early in the evening. it sipposedly becomes the place for the 20-40 somethings later on in the evening. Music playing and of course the crimsin lights. No eat before you go!!

Best bet-happy hour and order beer!

345 6th St., San Pedro, Ca 90731


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